Mariners Reach Boardwalk, Newstead

icubed consulting was engaged to design and supervise the replacement of the Mariners Reach Riverwalk, a 440m superstructure located in Newstead, Brisbane, as the existing superstructure had reached the end of its design life.

Our engineers were able to work with the existing sub-structure by modifying and reusing elements such as concrete piles, while replacing the existing concrete headstocks and decking units with a new Fibre Reinforced Plastic (FRP) structural member. FRP was the ideal solution due to its extended life span when compared to conventional construction materials in marine environments. The new FRP upgrade brings with it a 100% non-corrosive, marine and flood friendly structure with a 100-year design life. As the FRP structural elements are manufactured off-site, this limited the requirement for in situ modifications in a tricky location.

The Riverwalk was designed for high wave loads from storm events and extended design life while maintaining functionality like providing access for emergency and maintenance vehicles. The existing stainless-steel handrail was re-used and replicating the existing boardwalk geometry was essential, meaning coordination through construction with Wagners, Abergeldie (Principal Contractor) was key as the geometry of the existing and remaining sub-structure was only uncovered once the decking was removed.

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