Director Nick Canto presents at the IPWEA Queensland (IPWEAQ) annual conference 2021

icubed consulting Director Nick Canto presented his paper “Port to Project Logistics for Wind Farms. Practical Assessment of Impacts on Transport Infrastructure”, co-authored by Roderick Hetherington, at the IPWEA Queensland (IPWEAQ) annual conference in #Cairns on 14 October 2021.

Nick draws on his almost 20 years’ experience across the practical assessment and delivery of hundreds of wind turbines in Australia and New Zealand. He looks at key logistical challenges of port to site movements, management of lower order roads during deliveries of constituent ingredients while managing community expectations for disruptions to services, safety and environmental factors. Through a series of specific case studies, Nick will be discussing maintenance, geometric upgrades and strengthening of pavements and bridge structures, as well as appropriate pre and post construction dilapidation assessments for wind farm developments.

Wind farms will play a central role in Queensland’s, and Australia’s, energy future. Their transport impacts on the community can not only be mitigated, but also leave meaningful legacies of improved connectivity to the regional areas where they will be situated.

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