Wind Turbine Reverse Engineering and Compliance

As part of icubed’s increasing presence on wind farm projects, a group of our engineers completed a working at heights training course earlier this year allowing them to perform post installation turbine tower inspections.
The icubed renewables engineering team completed the Global Wind Organisation Safe Work at Heights training course, a prerequisite for climbing wind turbines in Australia.  The course provided the necessary theoretical and practical training to use fall protective equipment, to perform safe work, and conduct safe and basic rescue from heights.  This training is key to our increasing scope offering, including carrying out structural certification of existing wind turbine towers against the relevant Australian Standards, and completion of performance solutions to gain certification against the National Construction Code.
Our team have been already been applying their new knowledge and skills by carrying out tower assessments in New South Wales, climbing towers of up to 100 metres.

From left: Rod Hetherington, Fraser MacMillan, Callum McMullen, Rod Larkin, Dan Kyriacou. Photographer Nick Canto

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