Vanderfield St George Opens Purpose Built Building

At the recent opening on 23rd May, Mr Bruce Vandersee described the expansion of the current Vanderfield branch as being made from water as the 2,300 strong township of St George rely heavily on rain for their cotton crops.

The new building includes service kiosks for personalised service; expanded display areas to house small tractors; displays of children’s toys; clothing and consumables such as oil. The workshop has installed wash areas to keep the workshop clean and organised.  Oil, air and water systems are reticulated through to central service points in the middle of the building.

icubed designed and project managed the purpose-built extension at Vanderfield St George from concept, development approval and tendering through to construction.

Vanderfield advised that it was important that local tradesman where used wherever possible to further support the community with local builder Wildman Builders winning the contract.

During construction, challenges of remote area installations were faced with icubed travelling to site regularly to oversee construction. The site needed major upgrading of fire services, power and communications infrastructure to comply with the business needs. At the same time the branch was able to maintain ‘business as usual’ providing service and parts throughout the cotton-picking season. The large roller shutters were needed to allow for the largest John Deere headers to enter into the work bays to be repaired.

The local concrete plant was stretched to supply 600cubm of high strength concrete with 98T of structural steel being provided to support two 5 tonne gantry cranes.

Agricultural solutions are now associated with technical solutions. To support and assist local farmers with training on GPS guided systems Vanderfield has invested in a 30 person training room. Staff can also be trained and retained to service vehicles as well as the facility being available to host community events.

Vanderfield is the largest agricultural John Deere distributor in Australia and New Zealand. Their reputation is based on a long history of support from a family run business and icubed continue to support them and other customers in their new ventures.




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