Table Tennis and Improving Mental Health

As part of Queensland’s Mental Health week, icubed consulting brought mental health out in the open with the question Why should I care if it doesn’t affect me personally?”

Sadly, poor mental health is linked to suicide, with 8 people in Australia taking their lives every day.  Many hundreds more are affected through various forms of poor mental health illnesses every day, with around 12% of every workforce impacted at any given time.  The loss of life and productivity doesn’t have to be a certainty.  Supporting open conversations around mental health in our workforce a is the first step to making a difference!

To this end icubed ran our inaugural table tennis tournament throughout the week to actively engage improving our mental health and giving staff the opportunity to get away from some of the crazy stresses that we all feel in our work life, particularly around this time of year.  It was wonderful to see everyone get involved whether as a player, spectator, umpire, or supporting staff with the winner, Brett Rieker, receiving icubed’s Golden Paddle trophy.





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