Robert Robins – 10 year’s growth at icubed

It is with great pleasure that we congratulate Robert Robins for 10 years of service at icubed consulting.  icubed had not been operating for long when they had the opportunity to take on a shop detailer from M&S Steel Buildings who was looking  to advance his career.  Robert has developed his skills over this time and recently completed an Assoc. Degree in Building Surveying which supports his architectural skills and detail design of our projects.  With his shop detailing background and studies of the building code, Robert continues to be a valuable member of the company and is leading successful projects and delivering for our clients.

Robert is just one of the company’s future leaders who has organically grown within the talented pool of individuals within the organisation.  icubed look to provide our staff with a great workplace including an outdoor area, daily lunches and regular catchup’s.  A number of staff have surpassed 5 years’ employment at icubed and demonstrate that whilst icubed’s history is relatively short, that our staff retention is good and the future is bright.



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