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icubed’s renewables team deliver support across a number of disciplines by providing cohesive data collection and design responses.

Since inception, icubed has been sought out to provide specialised engineering design of wind turbine foundations and associated civil balance of plant such as roads, hardstands, switchyards and transmission line foundations.

icubed  have completed the foundation design for nearly 783 wind turbine generators across 32 projects, with a combined capacity of over 2003.2 MW. In addition to this, we have been sought out as a peer-review consultant on other projects, specifically assessing the wind turbine foundations.

Of these projects, approximately one third of the foundations have been a high performance, rock-anchor style foundation. Nick Canto was also the civil design manager for the Challicum Hills and Starfish Hill wind farms, where the use of rock anchored foundations was pioneered in 2001.

From concept to handover, we deliver.

Latest Project

Emerald Solar Park

The Emerald Solar Park was the first large-scale solar project in Queensland to sign a corporate power purchase agreement.

Wind Farms

icubed is a leading player in the provision of engineering design and documentation for the renewable energy sector, with a particular focus on wind energy.

Our expertise primarily involves the investigation and design of high-performance rock anchored foundation systems. With a diverse range of skills within the group, icubed provide expertise to other wind farm related fields.

Solar Farms

icubed is a leading renewable-energy consultant in the solar-energy generation industry, with several projects approved and under construction.

Our diverse range of consultancy skills and experience in this sector, provides our clientele with the comfort of knowing their project will be delivered on time and to the highest standard.


icubed provide designs for battery storage associated with large-scale renewable projects.  

This requires a good understanding of battery technology, approval requirements and cooling options, whilst also considering environmental and risk scenarios to protect the asset.

Transmission Lines

With most renewable projects, there is an attached connection to the grid and we  are able to provide various designs to encompass this.

We are able to complete the design components of an entire renewable project by offering a range of designs, from pole foundations, to trussed towers.

Operations and Maintenance Facilities

Drawing on the well-established building design division, icubed can add value to any infrastructure development through the detailed design and documentation of the necessary support facilities.

Off-Grid Installation

icubed work on the various renewable projects, we often look at off-grid scenarios where authority connection is not financially viable.

Off-grid options are reviewed and implemented for projects with these requirements.

Solar Towers

Our team has capitalised on our collective lessons learnt across the building design and wind turbine generator footing design spaces.

This has equipped us to be able to provide a detailed documentation review of the world’s largest solar tower.

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