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icubed partner with our clients to design and manage infrastructure projects of the highest quality

From standard projects, to the completely bespoke, icubed ensure our clients are well informed during every step of the process. This ensures smooth progression of the planning, engineering and project management requirements, throughout the whole project.

Our consultants have a wide range of experience in managing infrastructure projects for a range of project types. In an era of increasing monitoring and compliance, icubed are able to assist in meeting the ongoing operational project and compliance requirements.

From concept to handover, we deliver.

Land Subdivisions

Land development projects include subdivisions, road designs, internal civil building projects and other similar scenarios.

icubed engineers adapt their skills to each project, considering all engineering and other factors, providing the best design to cater for all design aspects, including stormwater, bulk earthworks quantities, ecological effects and road design requirements


icubed  have a multitude of experience in designing bridge structures for local and regional councils. A lot of our expertise is in the field of fibre reinforced polymer (FRP) road bridges which are certified to carry AS5100 SM1600 vehicles, water and debris forces and earthquake loads.

We have become industry leaders in the design of light-weight FRP footbridges around Australia and New Zealand. These footbridges can span up to 35 m and are capable of withstanding pedestrian and vehicle loading, flood and debris actions, and wind actions.

Royal Auckland Golf Club Boardwalk, NZ


icubed have 14 years of experience designing fibre reinforced polymer (FRP) boardwalks all across Australia, using Wagners CFT materials.

As part of our experience with boardwalk design and construction techniques we have become a leader in the design of driven pile foundation systems. Our boardwalk design also considers susceptibility to flood and debris loading, pedestrian loading and vehicle loading.


icubed have been involved in numerous pipeline design projects, including trunk sewer mains, rising sewer mains, fuel lines and water mains.

We can assist in all aspects starting from local government or utility service provider approval, through to construction supervision of the works.

Barrett Burston Malting

Cunninghams Gap Drainage Upgrade

Rural Roads and Highways

icubed can manage all aspects of the design or upgrade of road construction projects, from the approval process through to the construction supervision.

Our project capabilities include existing four-lane highways, rural roads, major intersections and new unsealed tracks.

Mine Sites

icubed have been involved in a variety of different mine site works.

Projects include haul and access routes, encompassing major tunnel, stormwater drainage and causeway design, to ensure safe reliable site access in remote parts of Australia and New Guinea.

Hitachi Emerald

Workshop and warehousing capability for maintenance of mining machinery.

Grosvenor Mine, Moranbah

Hitachi Tom Price, WA

Master planning, cost plans and documented a budget driven solution.


Our engineers apply geotechnical knowledge in combination with the natural topography to provide dams.

From catchment opportunities to water repositories, dams play an important role in water storage management, whether for municipal, agricultural or private use.

Flood Modelling

Managing the risk of flood inundation and damage to your current and future development is a complex issue with competing demands. 

icubed can assist in this process, providing accurate 1D and 2D flood modelling.  Additionally, we can provide flood risk assessments and management reports.

Snowtown Transmission Line

Preparation the design of the foundation system.


Structural, civil and manoeuvring design.

Master Planning

Our experience within the industry has equipped us with an understanding of an insight to the detailed requirements of this space.

icubed can assist in all aspects of planning, from delivering plans that meet council approval, site planning, water treatment and structural design, to successful plan implementation.

Concrete and Quarries

icubed have been involved with clients within the concrete and quarrying industry throughout our lifespan.

We understand the detailed requirements of this space and can assist in all aspects, from council approval, site planning, water treatment and structural design.

Wagners Cement Mill Expansion

Wagners Cement, Pamela Street, Pinkenba


icubed have been leading the design of a world first composite fibre wharf, and associated works, at the mouth of the Brisbane River.

The wharf is designed to unload various bulk material ships. The wharf was associated with other on-and offshore works and dredge spoil activities.

Sewerage Treatment Plant

icubed have partnered with different tier one contractors to design various components of major municipal plant upgrade projects across Queensland and Victoria.

Our involvement has included underground service design, as well as hydraulic service and building design relating to ancillary buildings and structures, sufficient to achieve compliance and approvals. To reduce onsite delays and variations, icubed utilise 3D modelling. which allows enhanced coordination between the consultant team.

Latest Project

FRP Water Tank Columns

Since 2017, icubed consulting has undertaken the detailed design and testing of light weight, non-corrosive columns that have been used in state-owned water infrastructure projects throughout Australia.

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