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210,000 sqm


We partner with our clients to deliver designs that prioritise functional buildings supplemented by ingenious approaches to built form.

Whether specifications are standard or bespoke, we ensure our clients are well informed through the whole design process to understand the opportunities suitable for usage of the design space, building safety and sustainability considerations, along with planning, engineering and budget requirements.

Our designers’ skills ensure delivered concepts are DA compliant, are within budget and construction ready, requiring no further revision before design documentation.

With a building project lasting a minimum of six months, having trust in your designer is key. Our proposals are provided as a fixed fee with multiple phases so clients know what to expect from the start. We will propose a delivery process and help you identify the critical parts to your business and/or project.

Our expert skills in problem solving difficult issues ensure provision of innovative and inspirational designs that keep our clients coming back.

From concept to handover, we deliver.

Workshops and Warehouses

Warehousing is icubed’s bread and butter and we continually produce projects of this nature.

We have repeatedly worked with a number of steel fabrication companies asking for alternative designs in value engineering.

Hitachi Gunnedah

icubed consulting engaged their multi-disciplinary skill-set on this Hitachi Construction Machinery project in Gunnedah, which has now reached Practical Completion and handover.

Hitachi Emerald

Workshop and warehousing capability for maintenance of mining machinery.

Vanderfield, St George

Structural, civil and manoeuvring design.

Goodman Fielder, Burleigh Heads

Egg Processing Facility, Toowoomba

Manufacturing and Processes

icubed have been involved in many production facilities, including food services, export products, agricultural products, boiler making and metal products, chemicals and machinery.

Manufacturing processes can be simple spaces or as complex as a multistorey, multistage production facility. Our team can assist with the production process and building structures surrounding the production facility.


Office requirements and performance are important in business operations and functionality.

How the office is presented to its staff and to its customers varies between all businesses. We explore your requirements with all our office designs. Some offices are simple and easily constructed, making them cost effective, whilst others require more complex analysis.

Esco Corporation – 25 Trade Street, Lytton

Level 2, 39 Sherwood Road

Hungry Jack’s Refurbishments

Since 2018, icubed consulting have been working closely with Hurst Concepts for the detailed design and certification of the building upgrades for a number of Hungry Jack’s restaurants around South-East Queensland and Victoria.

Gunbalanya Community Store

Extension to the store area, cooking area and office.


Our team have a broad range of experience in the retail sector, from master planning shopping centres to completing small fit-outs and branding strategies.

Having a close understanding of ‘tenant’ requirements allows for good design and flexibility in retail environments. Our engineering team possess skills to make the largest of bulky-goods projects economical. Our town planning expertise ensures thorough scrutinisation of approval conditions to make certain that infrastructure charges are appropriate to the varying uses of retail areas.


icubed have a number of rural clients who operate over various agricultural interfaces, including food growth, transport and processing.

Value adding to products is also part of any agricultural solution and we have experience in key areas of beef, grain and nut facilities.

Egg Processing Facility, Toowoomba

Vanderfield, St George

Structural, civil and manoeuvring design.

Guardhouse Road, Bayno

Structural, civil and manoeuvring design.

Service Stations

icubed have become a lead player in the provision of consultancy services to the service centre industry.

Offering a diverse range of services, including environmental and risk management, urban planning, architectural, civil, hydraulic and structural engineering, icubed are able to provide expert solutions, from project conception through to completion.

Chemical Stores

icubed have extensive experience with the approval and design of hazardous-goods storage facilities.

Our internal expertise in this area provides added benefits to our clients by ensuring our designs comply with relevant standards, minimise risk, and are operable and easy to maintain. We have experience in designing and consulting, from small- scale hazardous-goods locations, up to major-hazard facilities across the full range of hazardous-goods classes, including explosives, oxidising agents, cryogenic materials, corrosives, flammables and combustible materials.

S.R. Smith Taronga Zoo Seal Pen

F-111 Monument

Structural, civil and manoeuvring design.

Public Buildings and Community

Community projects include any project where the community benefits from a single building or structure.

icubed have constructed many projects in this category, including schools, churches, assembly buildings and a specialty range of boardwalks and pontoons. These projects always involve the challenge of maintaining harmony with the environment, and considering all users, including children and people with disabilities.

Schools, Universities and Childcare

icubed team members have experience working on a number of education-related projects.

Projects range from full design services, energy efficiency assessments, safety in design reviews and include specialist structural design services for novel and innovative structures.

Paragon Street, Yeronga

28-30 Broomfield Street, Taringa, Queelsland

Hargreaves Road Manly West Subdivision


icubed work closely with our clients to create successful design outcomes.

Our capable team have a broad range of experience in the residential sector, from luxury housing to investment housing and attached housing, including townhouses and multi-unit medium and high-rise apartments. Further projects encompass community housing, accommodation camps, and mature-age and age-in-place care homes.


icubed refurbish various building types, in response to both the increasing density of the built environment, and to our clients returning to extend or alter their existing facilities.

From simple interior design improvements, to additional storeys or building expansion, we have vast experience. Refurbishments typically include fire service upgrades, changes in legislative requirements and changes in building style.

Reward Pet Foods Processing Facility

Latest Project

Hungry Jack’s Refurbishments

Since 2018, icubed consulting have been working closely with Hurst Concepts for the detailed design and certification of the building upgrades for a number of Hungry Jack’s restaurants around South-East Queensland and Victoria.

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