Boco Rock Wind Farm

Location: Boco, NSW

The Boco Rock Wind Farm, built atop the ridgelines of the Monaro Highlands, adds an additional wind element to the already vast amount of renewable energy produced in the Snowy Mountains region. With a generation capacity of up to 113MW, Boco Rock will offset just below 300,000 tonnes of CO2 per annum while power ing up to 50,000 homes in Eastern Australia. Commissioned by the Downer / GE consortium, icubed under took the detailed design and documentation of the Civil and Structural aspects of the development.

This development included some 33kms of unsealed tracks providing access to 67 individual high quality crane lifting pads, al l designed and constructed on a fit-for-purpose basis. In addition to the Civil Works, icubed designed and documented the concrete mass gravity foundations beneath the 80m towers in addition to as the dual transformer substation used for the exportation of the generated energy.

Delivered side-by-side with its Downer-built brother project, the Taralga Wind Farm, icubed consulting provided full-time civil engineering and part-time geotechnical engineering support for Boco Rock.

The onsite supervision provided by our engineer awarded the Contractor the freedom to completely utilise a fit-for-purpose construction approach. Our presence gave the Contractor the capacity to significantly reduce processed crushed rock pavement depths across constantly varying sub-grade qualities and conditions.

This exercise was completed to the financial benefit of the client, without compromising the quality and integrity of the works or the confidence of our civil designers.

The Boco Rock Wind Farms 113MW of generating capacity is a significant project in icubed’s collective 1.5GW worth of Wind Farm Civi l Design and Engineer ing Support .

Key Personnel

Brisbane | Nick Canto – Principal Consultant
Brisbane | Bridget Parge – Associate Senior Civil Designer


Civil Engineering
Structural Engineering
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