Yarranlea Solar

Commissioned 2015

Location Toowoomba, QLD

Yarranlea Solar is an innovative Energy company, which has been established to harness the earths abundant natural resources to create carbon free energy. Using a range of technologies, our aim is to deliver Renewable Energy to established power grids across a 24 hour period. Our development activities will be conducted in a sustainable manner, with the smallest possible footprint and impact upon the communities in which we are based. Yarranlea Solar is named after our flagship project located on sparsely vegetated farmland approximately 50km west of Toowoomba. This project will connect to the power grid using the existing Ergon Energy infrastructure in the area.

Yarranlea Solar Farm will be developed in four stages on up to 250Ha of sparsely vegetated farmland approximately 50km west of Toowoomba. Once completed the project will have a generation capacity of up to 100MW, producing enough energy to power up to 40,000 homes. The project will connect to the power grid using the existing Ergon Energy infrastructure, located adjacent to the development site. This will allow transmission of power into Toowoomba via the Middle Ridge Bulk Supply Substation.

Yarranlea Solar farm will use the latest PV panel technology and integrated battery storage to allow it to supply power to the grid during periods of peak demand. The completed facility will have an operating life of 30 years, with the option for extensions. At the end of the facilities useful operating life, all physical infrastructure will be decommissioned and the land returned to its former agricultural use.

This project is in its early stages of development with various ecological impact and electrical studies are completed. It is expected that a Development Approval will be lodged with Toowoomba Regional Council in April 2016.

SOLAR – PV Solar panels are made up of photovoltaic cells, that contain semiconductors such as crystalline silicone. When these materials are exposed to visible light, they create an electric current which is captured and converted into power that can be used by normal house holds. Queensland has some of the best solar resources in the world and while small scale, rooftop solar is very popular, Utility Scale facilities are still growing. There is approximately 200MW of Utility Scale Solar operating in Australia. This industry is expected to expand rapidly in the coming years as PV technology improves.

STORAGE – Power storage technology has the potential to revolutionise utility scale renewable energy as it will enable electricity to be released to the grid during periods of peak demand and in the case of PV Solar, at night when the facility is not generating. There are two technologies which are being assessed for the Yarranlea Solar project, Lithium-ion and Zinc Bromide Flow batteries. A final decision on the technology type will be announced as the project is developed further.

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