Royal Auckland Golf Club Boardwalk, NZ

Commissioned 2018

Location Auckland, NZ

icubed consulting were commissioned to undertake the detailed design and certification of two light-weight Fibre Reinforced Polymer (FRP) elevated boardwalks for Wagner’s Composite Fibre Technologies (WCFT).

The two boardwalks, located at the Royal Auckland Grange and Golf Club were designed to cross a man-made lake and a creek splitting from Curlew Bay. Boardwalk A1 (66m) and Boardwalk A2 (45m) long and 3.3m wide were designed to take a full 5kPa pedestrian over-crowd scenario during golf tournaments and also vehicle loading from golf buggies. The boardwalks were constructed using driven FRP piles with an excavator and drop hammer. Each 3.5m span of the boardwalk was walked out by the excavator as the piling progressed. The excavator and piling rig became the governing load case for the boardwalk’s design. By installing the piles and FRP elements from the deck level, we were able to minimise the time and impact that the construction crews imposed at ground level and in the protected vegetation.

Due to the elevation of the natural ground profile some of the deck levels were up to 5.5m above ground (almost two storeys’ high). This proved to be a difficult design consideration which was further amplified by poor soil conditions. icubed undertook rigorous 3D modelling in both SpaceGass and Strand7 to assess natural frequency and deck accelerations due to pedestrian induced motions.

icubed also undertook the design of earthquake forces (to the New Zealand earthquake design code) and the potential for soil liquefaction during a maximum considered event. The design of the FRP piles included investigating the forces from the earthquake effects on the elevated boardwalk, and also the forces from the ground-induced movement during an earthquake.

Currently boardwalk A1 is completed with the A2 boardwalk nearing completion in the coming weeks.

If you would like more information about FRP boardwalk or bridge designs, please contact Rohan McElroy at our Toowong office on 07 3870 8888

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