Queensland Nickel

Commissioned 2010

Location Yabulua, Townsville, QLD

The Yabulu Refinery was declared as a Major Hazard Facility in 2011 and icubed worked with Queensland Nickel to prepare the Safety Case Report. This involved the traditional risk assessment approach of identifying hazards, defining the consequences, determining the likelihood and finally assessing the risk.

icubed led and documented the Hazard Study Scenario and Periodic Risk Assessment sessions that were core to the systematic risk assessment process undertaken. In addition to this Icubed reviewed the existing safety management systems and provided advice and guidance on changes that would be necessary to meet the more stringent regulatory operating environment faced by Major Hazard Facilities. icubed has also assisted Queensland Nickel with the preparation of their emergency management plans and community consultation processes.

icubed undertook pre-verification audit inspections and reviews of the site and the management systems to identify any deficiencies in preparation for the external audit and assisted Queensland Nickel during and after the audit process to respond to requests for information.

icubed is currently assisting Queensland Nickel with the re-submission of their safety case due in 2013.

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