Pulse Data Centre

Commissioned 2016

Location Wellcamp, QLD

The FKG Group approached icubed to assist them in the development of the Pulse Data Centre which included providing civil, structural and hydraulic engineering advice plus energy efficiency compliance input.

The data centre included four separate 365m² fire compartmentalised data halls, plus common service areas, as well as a separate central office building, along with backup generators, water chillers and other ancillary structures. Initially, we provided cul-de-sac design and services extensions for sewer and water to the Lot and then developed site earthworks and stormwater drainage to the site’s two street frontages. Challenges arose around the large electrical cables entering the site and having to provide drainage at these points.

Our engineering capabilities provided FKG’s architectural team with a design helping them reduce the time of construction with adjustment to the concrete and steel design. The savings allowed the roof to be erected prior to the fire rated mezzanine floor. The expansive service requirements provided challenges with underfloor and ceiling plenums which were designed to cater for large suspended electrical, communications, fire systems and mechanical infrastructure loads.

Our hydraulic work was provided well away from the electrical portions of the building to ensure no water problems within the data rooms. Interfaces with the chillers and CRAC system needed to be well coordinated to ensure smooth construction.

Further, the building was documented in Revit and BIM which provided good coordination of services to reduce construction problems and providing Pulse Data Centre a great tool for asset management.


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  • Civil Engineering
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Hydraulic Engineering
  • Structural Engineering
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