Pinkenba Wharf

Commissioned TBA

Location Pinkenba, QLD

Construction was completed on the Pinkenba wharf in July and is now fully operational. The wharf will be expecting a new shipment vessel every 3 weeks.

icubed consulting have been involved with designing, testing and overseeing construction of the world’s first Fibre Reinforced Polymer (FRP) wharf. The 252m long, 16m wide wharf was constructed by Wagners for their Pinkenba cement facility in Brisbane.

The FRP wharf was constructed using Wagners Composite Fibre Technologies FRP girders acting compositely with an FRP reinforced concrete deck utilising Earth Friendly Concrete (EFC). The combination of these materials provides a completely non-ferrous construction solution for extreme durability.

The combined use of EFC for the concrete components and FRP beams for the deck components significantly reduced the total carbon footprint of the project. The FRP beams and EFC design saved in excess of 1300 tonnes of carbon dioxide compared to a conventional steel and GP cement deck. Further to this the EFC concrete provides higher flexural strength, lower shrinkage and high resistance to acid, chlorides and sulphates.

The wharf has been designed for large bulk handling vehicles and equipment as well as mooring forces from a 40,000t vessel. The deck can withstand Australian Standard Bridge Code design vehicles plus large moxy and forklift loads and loading in accordance with the maritime structures code.

The construction of this project is a milestone for both icubed and Wagners as there are no Australian Standards on the design of reinforced slabs or structures using FRP materials. icubed decided to design the wharf using the Canadian Structures code as their research into FRP slabs is at the forefront of the developing technology.

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