Paragon Street, Yeronga

Commissioned 2016

Location Yeronga, Queeensland

icubed consulting was engaged by a client regarding issues they were experiencing in relation to works being completed by a landscaping contractor. icubed consulting was asked to provide project management services to assist in this matter.

A meeting was arranged with the clients and a perspective was drawn up to meet their requirements. On acceptance from the client a meeting was arranged with all parties involved and all construction issues where discussed.

Our concept involved a way of connecting the structure and how to seal it with the partially completed deck which was required. Rather than a number of partially completed sketches by the contractor.

While the contractor did have the right intentions, budgets had become restrained and with some direction and solutions to problems from icubed it enabled him to understand that we were providing assistance and not changing his project scope of works.

Following two more inspections and project management, the project was resolved successfully within three days and the owners were very happy with the resulting outcome and the project direction was rectified.
This is an example of good construction project management. We took into the client’s requirements and I worked with all parties to facilitate a good outcome.

  • Architectural Engineering
  • Building Design
  • Project Management
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