Kreiderman Bridge

Commissioned 2013

Location Beaudesert, QLD

icubed consulting were commissioned to undertake the detailed design and certification of a replacement road bridge on Pacer Avenue, Beaudesert for Scenic Rim Regional Council. The existing bridge on Pacer Avenue was decommissioned and deemed unfit for use as the timber girders, abutments and columns had rotten away over the years.

The scope for our design was to reinstate the road bridge to comply as a “like for like” bridge replacement capable of carrying T44 trucks and total water inundation during a Q100 flood event. The bridge was made up of two 5m spans carrying approximately 4.2m of traffic width.

Part of the challenge of designing and replacing the members on this bridge was that the existing piles had unknown performance capacity and condition. Integrity Testing were engaged to undertake a non-invasive pile inspection to approximate the safe working loads of the existing timber piles. It was found that below the wet/dry zone, the existing timber pile was in perfect condition as it had not been exposed to the elements throughout its service life.

icubed wished to utilise the existing piles, cut them off around 0.5m from the bed of the river, and splice the new members onto them. This would eliminate the need for expensive and unnecessary installation of new supporting members. New above ground timber piles were installed and spliced to the original, in ground, timber piles to create a robust column design to support the road bridge.

The original abutments on Kreiderman Bridge had to be replaced. Wagners CFT proposed a solution of using FRP pultruded square sections and fibre reinforced cement boards to act as an abutment/retaining wall for the bridge.

  • Structural Engineering
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