Cunninghams Gap Drainage Upgrade

Commissioned 2011

Location QLD

Coffey Geotechnics engaged icubed consulting to undertake a detailed evaluation and assessment of the existing stormwater drainage within the Cunninghams Gap road corridor near Warwick.

Following the significant rainfall events of January 2011, substantial landslips occurred at 6 locations along Cunningams Gap. Coincidently the majority of these land slip features coincided with significant deficiencies within the stormwater drainage system.

icubed consulting undertook a major desktop analysis of the as constructed records identifying that the majority of the drainage network was ineffective, or had been abandoned due to ongoing widening works and lack of maintenance over the years.

icubed consulting recommended immediate and urgent upstream drainage works including swale drains and interconnection with existing drainage structures which were discovered during remedial work. icubed consulting also undertook a full overland flow analysis of the down section of Cunninghams Gap and made recommendations for additional drainage upgrades which are being evaluated from a budgetary stand point.

  • Civil Engineering
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