Chesterhope Bridge, New Zealand

Commissioned 2015

Location Pakowhai, New Zealand

In early-2015, icubed consulting were commissioned by Wagners CFT to undertake the structural design and certification of a $2.2million modular bikeway for Chesterhope Bridge located at Pakowhai, New Zealand.

The 440m long bikeway will expand the use of the existing bridge by replacing the unprotected pedestrian kerb on the early 1960’s bridge and providing a vital connection for pedestrians and cyclists between Hastings and Napier. The concept behind the project was to install the bikeway as efficiently as possible by having each segment pre-assembled off-site and craned into position. Each module consisted of Fibre Reinforced Polymer (FRP) joists, diaphragms, handrails, posts and decking and varied in length from 6m-11m with a trafficable width of 2.15m. The modular FRP structure was supported by steel framing members connected to the existing bridge structure.

Being located in New Zealand, Chesterhope Bridge required some careful attention to detail regarding seismic activity and computer modelling of earthquake actions. Further to this, the structural design was undertaken to the New Zealand Transport Agency’s Bridge Design Manual, which has tighter restrictions on design parameters compared to the Australian Code.

Overall, 7.2km of FRP pultruded sections were exported from Wagners CFT in Toowoomba and shipped in containers to Napier in New Zealand. Fabrication, shipping, and installation of the modular units was completed within a 2-month period ending in December 2016.

For more information about corrosion free composite fibre bikeways, platforms and bridges please contact Rohan McElroy at our Toowong office on 07 3870 8888.

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