Blue Water Trail FRP Composite Boardwalk

Commissioned 2009

Location Mackay, QLD

icubed Consulting were engaged by Wagners Composite Fibre Technologies to undertake the detailed design and supervision of the FRP composite components of this boardwalk. The project comprised approximately 600 metres of elevated boardwalk through an environmentally sensitive wetland area.

The site was characterised by soft soil conditions and a requirement to undertake the work in a timely manner with a limited impact upon the surrounding environment. As a result the project team worked towards developing and implementing a normal fibre composite driven solution to support this elevated boardwalk. In addition to devising this system icubed Consulting worked closely with the project team in undertaking a full scale testing program to verify the implementation, methodology and structural capacity of this system.

Upon completion of this project a major storm event occurred resulting in inundation in excess of the original design perimeter supplied by the local authority. We were delighted to discover that the structure was able to withstand the elements and has been able to be returned to service for the community with no rectification work other than clearing of debris from the walkway structure.icubed Consulting were engaged to undertake the detailed design and certification of this boardwalk upgrade including replacement of an existing timber decking superstructure using fibre composite materials and a fibre composite decking system.

The project included the full scale testing and verification of a number of existing timber piles which were approximately 70 years old. Pile testing and a refurbishment program sought to verify the capacity of a number of piles which had been deemed un-serviceable using small strain non-invasive pile testing techniques. During the refurbishment program it became apparent that a number of piles scheduled for removal and replacement were actually quite serviceable. With some limited refurbishment of the historical splices and pile tops, we were able to work with the client and Brisbane City Council to achieve an appropriately durable structure.

This project was subject to major inundation during the January 2011 flood events in Brisbane and was able to be returned to service following recession of the waters.

  • Detailed Design and Documentation
  • Project Management
  • Structural Engineering
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