Bandag Manufacturing Roof Replacement

Commissioned 2011

Location Wacol, QLD

Bandag have an existing factory with the previous roof catering for the boiler chimney smoke and 30 years of industrial waste. The roof had to be replaced but Bandag and icubed took the opportunity to address a few other problems that existed.

The existing factory housed a retread tire press which generated large amounts of heat inside the building, this created a workplace in which workers faced extreme heats through the work day and it was asked of icubed to investigate whether something could be done with the roof to assist in order for comfort. Further Bandag has a high water use and the opportunity was seen to harvest rain water over the large 4000 square metre factory.

Energy modelling was completed by icubed, the sustainability report which is used to identify the best means of providing comfort for the workers and replacing the roof. In this instance installation was not the sustainable answer and thought was given to allow heat transfer through the roof to further a cooler building. The project managed in coordination with Bandag and other maintenance works in a tight shut down period for the factory and delivered successfully to Bandag.

  • Project Management
  • Renewables / Energy
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