Ballin Drive Footbridge

Commissioned 2014

Location Toowoomba, QLD

icubed consulting were commissioned to undertake the detailed design and certification of a light-weight Fibre Reinforced Polymer (FRP) footbridge for Wagners Composite Fibre Technologies (WCFT). The 24m long, single span pedestrian footbridge is located at Ballin Drive Park in Toowoomba.

The footbridge is a pivotal feature of the new detention basin and connects the northern footpaths to the southern footpaths, while spanning across the culvert for the detention basin below. The bridge was supported on reinforced concrete bored piers embedded 8m below into natural ground with a reinforced concrete abutment capping beam.

The FRP Bridge was prefabricated and assembled at Wagners CFT’s factory in Toowoomba and transported to site where it would be dropped into position via a crane and installed within a few hours. The bridge weighs in at 17.5 tonne and is capable of carrying in excess of 30 tonnes of pedestrian movements along with Q100 flood velocities, including full inundation.

This is one of the longest single span Fibre Reinforced Polymer (FRP) structures that has been completed by Wagners CFT and required a high level of design computational effort and R&D to validate the design. High level vibration frequency analysis was completed using Finite Element Analysis Software to assess serviceability performance under normal pedestrian movements expected in the area.

  • Structural Engineering
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