Baio’s Bridge

Commissioned 2012

Location Cairns, QLD

Cairns Regional Council had requested a proposal for a bridge deck compliant with a AS 1170 (2002); Austroads Bridge Design Code Number 2 and Compliant to T44.

icubed consulting were engaged by Wagners CFT Manufacturing to carry out and complete Design Review and Certification for Baio’s Bridge replacement works. The existing five span timber bridge, on Whyanbeel Road (Baio Bridge) had deteriorated significantly requiring replacement. The bridge consisted of an asphalt layer over a timber deck and four girders with concrete abutments. The structure was completely removed with an intent to keep the existing timber piers at a point where they can be found stable to support the new structure.

The bridge is to be widened in the new arrangement to be 4.5 m wide. This will be achieved by widening the concrete blade piers with the introduction of a Headstock and Corbels and the general extended construction of the abutments.

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