Ararat Wind Farm

Commissioned 2015

Location Ararat, Victoria

icubed consulting provided the detailed civil and structural design for the Ararat Wind Farm, which comprises 75 Wind Turbine Generators with a combined power output of 240 MW. 34 of the 75 turbines are founded on a smaller concrete structure, that capitalises on the strength and high quality of the insitu rock.

These smaller foundations will also minimise the site embodied emissions through a reduction in cement and concrete contents. The quality sourced rock is also being used for pavement processing for site access tracks, which will significantly reduce the heavy vehicle movements to the local roads.

The project is progressing well. Over 300,000 cubic metres of material has been moved to date as part of the bulk earthworks for the access tracks and component lay down areas, and nearly half of the turbine foundations have been poured.

The past month not only brought in the cold weather, but the first of the turbine component deliveries, which was soon followed by the erection of the first Wind Turbine Generator for the project. Four towers have been erected and will soon be powered up as the Ararat Wind Farm substation and transmission line have now also gone live.

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