115 Potassium Street, Narangba

Commissioned 2019

Location Narangba, QLD

Wagners (Toowoomba) were looking for a large site in the Moreton Bay area to build a concrete batch plant. The layout was required to maximise developable land in order to minimize the potential for conflicts between concrete trucks and loading vehicles. Specific height differences and working requirements were provided to ensure mechanical plant could operate without affecting daily operations and work personnel.

The main concrete batching plant is an impressive 13m concrete structure, with four separate levels that house four loaded silos and supply concrete trucks via two separate batching areas. Storages areas on site allow the production of over 200t of concrete every year, with separate bins housing the various aggregates and sands that make up the components of concrete.

The site caters for delivery vehicles by providing parking, diesel storage and refueling services. Staff have separate carparks and oversee batching operations from the demountable offices and lunchrooms. Washout and wedge pits allow for vehicles to be cleaned and the runoff to be captured for reuse in batching operations and site processes. Surface grading has effectively eliminated the need for piped drainage, reducing the risk of cement setting in underground services. Any runoff not reused by the site is treated and detained, ensuring all runoff adheres to environmental standards.

icubed’s scope included town planning, managing council approvals, multiple feasibility assessments, design concept iterations and detailed design. Contract supervision by icubed working together with Wagners ensured the budget and program remained on target.


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