Little Malop St, Bridge Geelong

icubed consulting were commissioned by Wagners CFT to document and design one of our largest and most intricate footbridge designs to date – Little Malop Street Bridge in Geelong, Victoria. The 19.5 long by 4.6m wide Fibre Reinforced Polymer (FRP) bridge was pre-fabricated at Wagners CFT Factory in Toowoomba and transported in once piece to Geelong. Our structural engineers, Rohan McElroy and Enes Ozdemir designed the bridge to carry an extreme case of pedestrian overload and had to make allowance for train collision loads from the train corridor below. The train collision loads were in the order 50 tonne and as such, icubed had to prepare a testing program to confirm the load carrying capacity of modified truss connections. The connection design of FRP elements on Little Malop Street is a first of its kind for this type of project as was supported by in-house testing at Wagners CFT.

Little Malop Street Bridge was also subjected to pedestrian and wind excitation design by icubed using Strand7 Finite Element Analysis. Click here to view Rohan McElroy’s presentation on pedestrian excitation of FRP footbridges, which he presented to an international audience in Amsterdam earlier this year. If you would like more information about FRP bridge design please contact Rohan McElroy at our Toowong office on 07 3870 8888.

The below video demonstrates the installation of Little Malop Street footbridge.

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