Lal Lal Wind Farm Bridge Study

In mid-September 2018, icubed consulting were engaged to undertake an urgent review of an existing road bridge that was required for the passage of Over Size Over Mass substation components, associated with the Lal Lal Windfarm in Victoria.  The structure is a single span cast insitu RC T-beam bridge originally constructed in the 1930’s and widened to two lanes in 2007.  There was limited information available from the original build and widening so, Principal Consultant, Nick Canto worked with our client Zenviron and the Moorabool Shire Council to develop a full-scale load testing and Numerical Assessment program, to evaluate if the bridge would be capable of safely carrying the 70 tonne component loads.

Within two weeks of taking the initial call, icubed were able to complete the full-scale test program, Condition Survey and Finite Element Analysis required to verify that the components would be able to safely traverse the bridge, without compromising its performance.  Our observations and Analysis were summarised in a Level 3 Bridge Assessment Report, which enabled the transport permits to be issued for these loads.  The gross vehicle mass was 150t for the Switch Room and 100t for each of the transformers.

Successful passage of these loads across the bridge was completed earlier this week and icubed completed a further dilapidation survey to confirm our analysis findings that the structure would not be compromised.

For more information on how our team of specialist structural engineers can assist with condition monitoring and load testing of existing structures, please feel free to contact Nick Canto or Rohan McElroy.





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