Kadows Road, Bridge Refurbishment

icubed consulting have been engaged to complete the detailed design of a dilapidated timber road bridge on Kadows Road, for Southern Downs Regional Council.  Whilst this is a low use road, it is an important link for property owners in the area, who need to follow a significant detour route since the closure of the original bridge.  icubed consulting have worked closely with council to avoid the  high cost of replacing this bridge using prestressed concrete, having developed a cost effective and quick to deploy engineering solution to refurbish the existing structure.

Having received our order to complete the design on 26th of May, 2015, we were able to fast track the design process for this bridge within one week, which included the geotechnical analysis of a micro piled raft foundation for the abutments.  Following conclusion of the design process, council were able to place orders for all materials and labour required to execute the works.

Demolition and enabling works for the refurbished bridge commenced on the 8th of June, 2015 and then on 23rd June 2015, all 30 Fibre Composite micro piles were driven to create a solid foundation for the structure.

On completion the Bridge will contain a hybrid of modern and traditional materials, combining to service the local community and carry their produce on heavy vehicles up to a T44, Semi-Trailer and withstand periodic inundation from the creek which it bridges.  Our innovative solution includes;

  • 30 Fibre Composite Displacement Piles, Driven to refusal
  • Reinforced Concrete Abutment Foundations
  • Core Filled “Mega Block” Abutment Walls
  • 19 Inch Hardwood Timber Girders, Decking and Kerbs.

Watch over the coming weeks as we transform this bridge from its current state of dis-repair to a functional and cost effective infrastructure solution.

no 1

Existing Bridge


No 2

30 Fibre Composite Displacement Piles installed in a Single Day.  23rd June 2015

For more information on cost effective and innovative infrastructure solutions, please contact Rohan McElroy on 07 3870 8888.

Kadows Road, Bridge Refurbishment | Update 20th July 2015

Excess pile lengths were trimmed on site. A nominal blinding layer of concrete was laid and reinforcing steel for the base slab was chaired up on top  of this layer ready to pour. 1st July 2015.


The abutment wall base slab was poured and left to cure. 3rd July 2015.



Wagners Precast Finger Block walls installed on top of the abutment base slab, complete with reinforcing. 15th July 2015.


Both abutment walls in construction waiting for levelling beam to be poured on top. 16th July 2015.



Kadows Road, Bridge Refurbishment | Update 27th July 2015

Levelling beam poured on 22nd July.

IMG_0485 (Medium)

Rock pitching installed on site 27th July.

IMG_8301 IMG_8727

Kadows Road, Bridge Refurbishment | Update 28th August 2015

The hardwood timber girders and decking were installed the first week of August, 2015. The final site works are to be finalised by the second week of September and the site is currently open to local traffic.

icubed undertook the final engineering site inspection on 28th August, 2015 without any issues. Overall, the project was under construction for three months with approximately one quarter of that time being downtime while the concrete foundations and megablock abutments cured prior to bridge installation.

DSC_1386 (Medium)

DSC_1395 (Medium)

DSC_1397 (Medium)

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