icubed welcomes 2020!

Most of the icubed staff returned on Monday with many great holiday stories still being told – some stayed in, some went out, a few went abroad while others are still having a blast.
While we welcome in 2020, we do so with a heavy heart for the many Australian families fighting for their lives, their homes, and their livelihoods. icubed works in many of the areas impacted, and we will be offering our support to the communities affected wherever we can. Our heartfelt sympathy goes out to all those affected by the devastating bushfires that continue to ravage our country.
The new year brings with it some exciting work at icubed, including projects from the ever-expanding world of composite fibre structures, to some great utility-scale renewable developments coming online, and of course our bread and butter, building design and project management. Already we’re excitedly planning our next staff/partner socials, client meet-ups and corporate games.
We’re looking into this year with a keen eye toward new and innovative technologies particularly in virtual and augmented reality and capture to continue to blow the minds of our clients. Late last year we incorporated some great new capabilities and workflows which we can’t wait to expand and share with our clients – watch this space.
Each year most of us set a focus or intention for the year. For icubed, we understand the importance of remaining centred around quality, client relationships and great people. Regard for our personable approach and eagerness to find the best solution for our clients, we feel these are good intentions for 2020 icubed. Happy New Year!
Drop us a comment below, what are your intention for the 2020 and what are you excited about?


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