icubed and Reality Modelling

Animated visualisation models are often a priceless tool for stakeholder presentation and comprehensive community consultations. At icubed we use a suite of software and cloud platforms to generate these models. Our process utilises the most accurate aerial and terrain data available often incorporating LiDAR, Photogrammetry and BIM modelling for greater visual effect. An icubed visualisation provides a valuable concept interface for all sizes and types of projects ranging from 2ha industrial facilities to 1,500km² wind farm sites.

Employing a range of ‘reality capture’ techniques, we use a lot of real world and up-to-date data to produce geometrically accurate models of surrounding terrain and built elements. This allows us to clearly demonstrate to Councils and other authorities exactly what is being proposed and how it will fit within the built environment. This method of concept delivery allows high quality collaboration between stakeholders and designers. We have found that our modelling workflows not only speeds up the design process, but also significantly reduces construction phase delay due to the depth in detail that comes from developing design models based on reality capture data.

Our process of bringing real world data to our designs enables modern and exciting ways for displaying design intent. By spending the effort sourcing the right data and developing accurate and appealing visualisation models, icubed are providing the best platform for stakeholder, community, designer and builder collaboration to take place.


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