At icubed, We Understand How To Manage Water!

An important part of our business is the process of managing water. At icubed we get to work on a variety of projects where we need to ‘manage water’. These projects range from stormwater management plans for industrial and commercial developments, drainage, flood mitigation, and flood immunity for community and environmental protection.

icubed have experience in the design of water sensitive urban design (WSUD) features for a range of industrial, commercial and residential applications, as well as experience in managing stormwater from manufacturing and storage facilities that store highly environmentally toxic materials. We can also design and implement management systems that will minimise the risk of potentially toxic firewater from entering receiving environments; an issue that we are seeing become more and more front of mind for local Councils and state Departments when considering development approvals.

Our team of civil engineers, designers, environmental and risk scientists are well versed in managing water. We ensure that water will flow away effectively and efficiently and not adversely harm the environment. ‘In a nutshell’ our job is to remove issues around water management on the sites we design.

Some of our experience includes:

  • Urban stormwater management and MUSIC modelling.
  • Bioretention basins for capturing and filtering contaminated stormwater runoff.
  • Water balance modelling including dam and site rehabilitation.
  • First Flush Stormwater Management Systems employing passive overflow a management system for paint and resin manufacturer.
  • A first flush stormwater management and treatment system incorporating activated carbon filtration and treatment systems for an AgChem manufacturing plant.
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