icubed consulting Town Planning Team

Richard Jenkins; Elizabeth Cruice; Natasha Gouriev: Alissa Roxburgh


With great people and a brilliant work environment, it’s no surprise that the Town Planning team for icubed consulting is such a success story.  Having almost 60 years experience between us there aren’t many problems we can’t solve, but we are always up for the challenge when we come across a new one.

icubed’s core values are clear – to consistently achieve innovation, ingenuity and inspiration in everything we do.  We pride ourselves on this and are always looking for ways to inject this into our projects and interactions with our clients.




Our Skill includes (but not limited to)

  • Residential development
  • Urban design and master planning
  • Streamline development approvals through Accreditation
  • Infrastructure planning
  • Industrial development
  • Environmental planning
  • Due diligence investigations
  • Environmentally Relevant Activities (ERA)
  • Solar and Wind Farm Application
  • Plan Sealing

Give us a call when your next planning challenge needs an approach that is different from the others.


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