icubed consulting celebrates International Women’s Day

In honour of International Woman’s Day 2019, we are celebrating the female Engineers, Designers, Town Planners, Accountants, Project Managers and Administration personnel of icubed consulting – all of whom feel engaged and supported in their careers.

Building and Construction is Australia’s second largest industry; it creates wealth in every town, city and state and employs more than one million people, yet women make up only 11% of the industry’s total workforce.

icubed consulting are rebutting the norm, with 30% female employment in roles across all disciplines including renewables, engineering and project management. Women bring unique value and we are proud to be a company that encourages the change required in the industry to guarantee ongoing success and sustainable growth.

Sarah Greinke– Building Designer and Site Representative – “Although incredibly rewarding, being in this industry can be tough- particularly onsite. You have to earn respect by being confident in your knowledge and not being afraid to get your hands dirty. I grew up with a ‘Girls can do anything’ sticker on my bedroom door and am thankful to have found a workplace who share and support that view.”

Natalija Gorbac – Accountant – “We are grateful for icubed supporting our continuous professional development as CPA’s

Amy Pitt – Civil Designer – Renewables – “Having worked at icubed consulting for over six years now I have always felt supported and encouraged in everything I have done, including completing a degree in finance and moving to the Melbourne office for personal and career development”.

Heather Anderson – Project Manager “15 years ago I would have been the only woman sitting in a project meeting, yesterday the ratio was 3 women to 2 men – speaks for itself”

icubed consulting are altering the narrative by recognising, recruiting and celebrating diverse career pathways.

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