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Elizabeth Cruice is the Lead Town Planner, managing a very busy and expanding town planning team, at icubed consulting. With over 14 years’ experience she has amassed a wide variety of knowledge in planning approvals and project management, within several development sectors Australia wide. Elizabeth is well regarded within the development industry for her work on complex major projects, particularly within the energy resource and industrial sectors.

Our point of difference has always been to put the client first by thinking outside the standard “cube”. We do that by having our experienced personnel take the time to understand your business and what you want to achieve, so we can tailor a planning pathway that provides the best outcome for your project.

But these successes don’t just rely on one person. We have an exceptionally talented team of planners at icubed, who work incredibly hard every day to achieve the best results for our clients and their projects. It is humbling to lead such a fantastic group of people, as we work towards achieving more successful projects together”

If there is a way to improve on the status quo, we will find and advocate for it.

Elizabeth continues “Personally, planning and development has never been boring. It is always engaging and interesting to learn about the multifaceted elements that make up a project, and how these can be improved upon. It sounds chiche, but doing what you love really is the reward. I have had the privilege of being involved in many different major and minor project types, and there is nothing more satisfying then seeing a particularly challenging project receive approval in a timely manner and go on to operate successfully.”

If you have a challenging or complex project that requires pushing into new territory, contact Elizabeth from the Town Planning team on 07 3870 8888.

(The icubed Town Planning Team – Dannie O’Brien, Richard Jenkins, Elizabeth Cruice, Alissa Roxburgh, Natasha Gouriev)

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