“I” for Integrity

icubed’s core values are our 3 i’s innovation, ingenuity and inspiration, however another important “i” for us is integrity.
Whether it’s engineering design and construction monitoring, or through our advice on development or design of functional space, integrity is always crucial to our approach. Integrity is an icubed core value and is fundamental to our culture. It’s present in all aspects of our professional dealing and our approach centres on finding the best outcomes for our clients.
Maintaining integrity in the face of adverse and challenging scenarios is difficult for any business. Our experience proves that a positive corporate culture, thoughtful training and integrated processes, are key to solving any challenge. Integrity is at the forefront of everything we do, both professionally, and as members of the community. Our finger is on the pulse with what the community demands from development professionals, such as water security, conservation and carbon neutral outcome. We look to act with integrity to find the solutions where we can impact positively.
Acting with integrity does not mean we don’t see value. Design that provides the right design life, does not need continual maintenance, and being fit for purpose is core to our operation. It’s easy to be conservative in approach, but icubed looks to challenge the norm, to innovate and provide accurate design and advice underlined with strong moral and ethical principles.
icubed are a value-based consultancy providing design with integrity.
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