Girls in Engineering Making Statements

icubed consulting volunteered to participate in the annual Power of Engineering event hosted by QUT. The event is held in conjunction with GEMS (Girls in Engineering Making Statements) and brings together girls from different high schools to show them that anything is possible with an engineering degree.

icubed’s Principal Director, Nick Canto along with Katherine Leggett (Graduate Civil Engineer) and Amy Pitt (Draftsperson) attended the event in late July which saw 14 girls learning about what different types of projects you can work on with an engineering degree, ranging from Subdivisions; Service Centres; Industrial, Commercial and Residential sites; Bridges; Environmental/Risk issues; Renewables/Energy; and Project Management.

Very positive feedback was received from the girls as they had many exciting questions on a broad range of topics during and after the presentation.

Thank you to QUT and GEMS for arranging the event and all those who attended.



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