First Wind Turbines Have Begun Generating Renewable Energy at Dundonnell Wind Farm

The first wind turbines have begun generating renewable energy at Dundonnell Wind Farm. This is a momentous milestone for all involved, with over 12 months’ worth of work leading up to this point.
A key component of this achievement was the successful energisation of the substation, which opened the way for compliance testing of the wind farm’s erected turbines. As part of the testing procedure, the 220kV transmission line from Bluegums Substation, near Mortlake, was turned on. By closing the associated disconnector and circuit breaker at the Dundonnell Wind Farm substation, the electrical potential of the 220kV busbar was confirmed. The transformer was then turned on and testing confirmed a successful step down to 33kV in the secondary busbar.
icubed was involved in the design of the civil and structural components of the substation facility. This included the footing design of all substation components, as well as an 8m high fire wall separating the two transformers installed. We congratulate Zenviron on their success in the construction of this substation facility.
Following the successful energisation of the substation, and compliance testing of the turbines, power generation from the erected wind turbines could be successfully achieved. The Vestas towers, standing at 114m tall to the hub, have an individual capacity of 4.2MW. At completion of the project, developed by Tilt Renewables, a capacity of 336MW from the 80 towers will generate enough renewable energy to power the equivalent of 245,000 homes.

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