Environmental Risk Management

icubed consulting actively work with our clients to assess and manage environmental risks.

Due to the need to import fuels and export bulk materials (including fuel and oils) it is sometimes necessary to locate bulk materials handling and chemical storage facilities adjacent to waterways. These sites pose a significant risk when located adjacent to areas of high environmental values such as Moreton Bay or the Brisbane River. Additional environmental protection measures are often needed in order to reduce the risk to acceptable levels, especially for storm-water and firewater runoff.

Recently, icubed assisted with the installation of a ‘sluice gate’ adjacent to a riverside site. A ‘sluice gate’ is an automated gate that can be closed in the event of an environmental emergency. It isolates a site’s drainage system to contain and isolate a large volume of potentially contaminated water (including fire water and firefighting foam) thus reducing environmental risk.

This project presented a number of unique challenges to the icubed team. The proposed works would be occurring in a tidal zone, hence the correct approvals (Tidal Works) were required. The local council raised concerns around flood impacts resulting in a trip to the Planning and Environment Court to obtain approval. This was backed up with detailed flood modelling works to demonstrate that the installation would have no adverse impacts during flood events. Other challenges included the civil design working with existing revetment walls and environmental challenges working around protected marine vegetation.

For further information on environmental risk management please contact Morgan Warnock or Justin Harvey at icubed consulting on 3870 8888.



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