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icubed have been working with Amgrow (a fertiliser and potting media manufacturer) at their Stapylton site to improve the environmental performance of their operations with a particular focus on improving storm water management on the site. Over the last year we have worked with Amgrow to identify and implement environmental management strategies aimed at improving the overall environmental outcomes.

Fertiliser and potting media manufacturing can generate highly nutrient rich stormwater runoff that needs effective management to minimise the risks of environmental harm. It is pleasing to note that in the time that we have been involved that nutrient levels in the intermediate collection dams have improved markedly due to increased water re-use strategies, enhanced bacteriological treatment strategies and inflow management. As a result, dam levels are now able to be effectively managed – reducing environmental risk. Nutrient levels in stormwater have been reduced significantly as have levels of sediment, Nitrogen and Phosphorus – the biological oxygen demand has been reduced and dissolved oxygen levels of waters have been raised resulting in significant improvement in water quality.

Changes to overland flows and upstream minimisation and diversion strategies have transformed once barren areas of the site to lush vegetated areas. These improvements have given rise to increases in native fauna numbers on the site, with local kangaroos now regularly observed foraging on the new vegetation and several families of ducks now residing in and around the dams. The modifications and management changes that have effected these improvements have required only minor capital expenditure proving that the ‘simple things’ can give rise to major environmental improvements.

icubed is continuing to work with Amgrow to identify further practical environmental performance initiatives to enhance their operations including the installation of a ‘first flush’ stormwater management system. In addition to these environmental improvements, icubed are assisting Amgrow with their overall compliance management.

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