Construction at Jalrock Place in Carole Park is underway!

We are now Project Managing through construction on behalf of our client, but substantial pre-construction works were undertaken by icubed consulting to get to this point.  This includes town planning, managing council approvals, multiple feasibility assessments, design concept iterations, detailed design, tender preparation and assessment and contract execution.

Designed with logistics personnel in mind, this warehousing facility will feature a cover central awning over truck loading and unloading, and has required substantial earth to be removed to ease access conditions.  The bulk earth works contractor has been moving up to 5000 cubes of earth per day to reach finalised site and building levels

I3 Team J-Rock

Town Planning   Richard Jenkins

Building Design and Brief Development – Chris Cooper

Architect – Marc Duncalfe

Structural Engineer Structure – Ali Kanaani

Structural Engineer Retaining – Enes Ozdemir

Draftsperson – Tony Batten

Civil Engineer – Travis Smith

Hydraulic Designer – Ashwin Gadicherla

Project Manager – Heather Anderson

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