Clewley Park Pedestrian Bridges, Toowoomba

Fibre Composite Bridge

Toowoomba Regional Council recently completed an upgrade of Clewley Park, within the West Creek Reserve.  The project included significant drainage upgrades as part of the city’s flood mitigation strategy and was partly funded under the Natural Disasters Relief and Recovery Arrangements.

The project included two new pedestrian and cycle bridges traversing the upgraded channel and spanning 12 and 14 metres respectively.  Delivered as a Design and construct component, icubed were commissioned by Wagners Composite Fibre Technologies to complete the Detailed Design and Certification of these bridges and concrete abutment foundations.  We also undertook a full scale testing program, which allowed us to demonstrate the strength of the bridges, under major overload conditions and also for cyclic, fatigue loading where no reduction in performance was observed after more than 700,000 cycles of the full service load.

The main spanning structures comprise a bolted truss arrangement using Wagner’s Pultruded Fibre Reinforced Plastic.  The design had to cater for a pedestrian live load of 5.0 kPa, (17.5 tonnes) and a 4.0 tonne Emergency Vehicle.  Additionally, significant flood loading and debris had to be taken into consideration.  The Bridges were pre-fabricated in Wagners Toowoomba Manufacturing plant and due to their light weight were able to be installed as a complete unit following curing of the concrete abutments, in a single day.

For more information about Light Weight Fibre Composite Structures or full scale testing programs contact Rohan McElroy at our Brisbane Office.

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