Chicken or Egg, what comes first?

“There is no right answer to this question” says Chris Cooper, Principal Building Designer of icubed consulting. “It depends on your business position and the strategic direction you are taking.”
icubed have worked with warehousing, manufacturing and logistics businesses ranging from micro start-ups to large multinationals. We understand that life is never perfect and projecting business growth trajectories, while balancing your current business needs and market conditions, is difficult.
We commonly hear phrases like:
  • We have higher costs of production now.
  • There is no room to fit new plant in the production line.
  • We have warehouse congestion.
  • There is too much double handling.
  • We have safety issues as products move through the site.
  • We need more space.
There are many challenges when a business or operations are expanding, growing, moving and even down-sizing to new premises.  Questions like:
  • Do you build or rent space to accommodate your business?”
  • “What plant and equipment do we buy and what size of building will we ultimately need?”
  • “How do we futureproof our site?”’ and
  • “How can we make this space work for us?”
At icubed we are sympathetic to the challenge’s businesses face. We seek to understand the inputs and outputs, and to understand the future business needs.  We take a holistic approach to development that will include consideration of site and product traffic flows through the organisation. We ensure considerations and constraints associated with emissions, noise, vibration, safe separation distances are part of any design.
In combination with our traditional Civil, Structural and Building Design teams, we are fortunate to have staff with manufacturing, management, reliability, and mechanical engineering as well as hazardous operations experience. We draw on this experience when pro-actively seeking to optimise building design and functional layout to meet current and projected demands. We actively consider material flow through a site to optimise site functionality.  Our environmental and civil design teams are experienced in managing complex sites with unique challenges and we actively draw on this experience to provide practical solutions for our clients.
But of course: “the best laid plans always change” and we always try to ensure approvals we obtain have flexibility for growth and change. We engineer solutions and design spaces to provide our clients with versatility and room to move or change.
Regardless of your business position and growth aspirations, icubed can assist.


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