Should all buildings be bespoke?

As designers of buildings, we face the challenge of finding a balance between bespoke and standard designs and with this, the opportunities to better society and the environment we inhabit.

As well established in carbon research into buildings, the time to make the biggest effect on the environment is through its design.  The developer has little opportunity to provide the market with affordable commercial or industrial space through their entire product range.  We see inner city development deserving of full customization but there is so much more product and environmental gain elsewhere.

Society has now changed though and the hotdesk is becoming standard to many types of businesses to reduce rental, producing social benefits and provide versatility with the mobility of staff, lease periods and company restructures.

Standard building systems provide certainty around costs and in turn profitability.  The industry standards cannot be forgotten in delivering any product.  There is a range of product that fits the buyer and minimum standards defined by the building code is that baseline.

Good designers will identify in each situation, that for little to no extra cost there is a long term benefit in x, y and z.  The challenge then lies to assess each opportunity on its merit and compare it with the norm to provide the bespoke opportunity that each development deserves.  Often with little deviation away from standard, so much more can be created.

Many fear moving away from the  base building as the fear the additional cost and rightly so but this should not demote the opportunity that exists when creating a new structure.

It is with this aspiration that we work with our clients to balance standard design with the right mix of innovation in create a bespoke product to suit.


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