Bicentennial Bikeway – Brisbane

In mid-2014, icubed consulting were commissioned by Wagners Composite Fibre Technologies to undertake the structural design and certification of the Fibre Reinforced Polymer (FRP) elements for Brisbane City Councils Stage 4 works on Bicentennial Bikeway. The new bikeway would form the final stage of a $120 million redevelopment of existing bikeways and pedestrian paths to facilitate in the movements of 6,500 cyclists and pedestrians from Toowong into the CBD each day.

icubed’s scope of works included the detailed design and certification of three independent pedestrian structures: a 64m long elevated walkway, a 32m long ferry ramp to connect the bikeway to the Toowong Ferry Terminal and a 30m long lookout deck. Within each of these structures, icubed were responsible for detailed design of FRP and stainless steel connections, FRP tube reinforced concrete columns, design of composite cladding “boat” panels, design of lifting jigs for cladding elements and site inspections throughout the construction process.

A high level of engineering design was required to assess loading criteria and structural performance for all three structures due to the proximity of the bikeway to the Brisbane River. Each of the structures are capable of withstanding full inundation with debris loading during a Q100 flood event and outside of this, the structures are capable of withstanding full crowd loading scenarios.

One of the more intricate design procedures undertaken by our engineering team, was the design and analysis of FRP composite cladding panels using Finite Element Modelling software, Strand7. The effects of intense flood loading, log impacts, vandal abuse and wind loading were applied to the cladding panels and their performance was assessed in coordination with the panel manufacturers, Cure Composites.

For more information about corrosion free composite fibre bikeways and platforms please contact Rohan McElroy at our Toowong office on 07 3870 8888.

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