Bad Ground or Bad Weather?

During the typical South East Queensland wet season, we see a rise in instances where our engineers are needing to make the call on whether earthworks material is bad or whether it’s just too wet to compact due to ongoing or recent rain.

Construction is preferably not planned to commence in the wet season. However, a range of external influences, like client possession requirements, funding, approval delays or other latent conditions means that earthworks often need to occur during less favourable weather conditions.

Rain and open earth raise concerns for our civil engineers and project managers with;

– structural capacity of the building pads

– construction delays

– potential client variations and

– compaction problems of the earthworks

When faced with sub-grade under performing during rain periods, we need to make a call – either wait for the ground to dry out (while there remains underlying risk of that next rain event) and manage program cost delays or replace the sub-grade with known performing material. The latter is certainly an easier solution; however, our projects teams need to balance the time verses cost dilemma. Time is money and contractor delay charges need to be balanced with waiting for a good sunlight period to achieve optimal moisture content. The cost of outright sub-grade replacement can be astronomical, hence finding the correct solution is paramount to a client

icubed identify best outcomes for our clients by spending additional time on site and utilising geotechnical data to analyse the sub-grade material – is it just wet and can it be salvaged or is an imported material required, or both?  Additionally, being present means we can easily identify whether the delays are acceptable within the contract and with the client.

We see clear benefits to projects by being an onsite presence with improved quality of workmanship, speedy query response time and mitigation of variations from contractors to our clients. icubed’s project team maintain a line of communication between contractors and clients that is transparent and honest. Our in-house multidisciplinary design team work in sync to deliver the best project outcomes through experience and expertise, when dealing with construction contracts and the unpredictable environment.




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