The Directors of icubed Consulting are proud to announce the appointment of Heather Anderson as Chief Executive Officer effective May 2020.  
The Directors have been working towards this placement to provide further depth in management, and to foster our company culture through supporting and leading the icubed team. Heather brings a diverse background as an Organisational Manager in the Infrastructure and Building spaces.  Her passion for continual improvement and growth, as well as a commitment to drive our strategic direction, has led to her appointment.  It is an exciting new chapter for icubed consulting.
For the past two (2) years Heather has taken on the role as Associate and Project Manager which provided a unique insight into the organisation’s operations and client focussed approach.
Heather comments “ I am extremely excited to be leading icubed consulting into the future and building on the stellar work that Nick and Chris have built over the last 16 years in delivering exciting opportunities for our team and superior solutions for our clients.  I see my role as one of growth, positive culture and enabling this talented team do the work they are so passionate about.”
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