19 Lot Subdivision, Capalaba

Construction is well and truly underway for this 19-lot infill subdivision in Capalaba, nestled up against future parkland and close to the Redlands IndigiScapes Centre.

Bridget Parge and the team at icubed consulting carried out the civil engineering design for this project including storm-water management as well as landscaping and town planning support.

The extent of the works consisted of bulk earthworks, construction of storm-water drainage, roadworks, sewer and water reticulation as well as landscaping. The design allows for the connection to future stages and incorporates koala tree offset planting. Operational works approval was granted at the end of 2017 and the pre-start was held in late September 2018, attended by Bridget Parge and Sarah Greinke from icubed consulting.

The developers Alison and Craig Lambert are committed to ensuring a perfect result for this development. Craig is heavily involved in the construction with his long-time friend and partner Mick Lodge from CIVCON Contracting. Noel Burton from Skyview Survey is carrying out the construction set-out and Bridget Parge and Travis Smith are undertaking the construction supervision.

Bridget Parge (icubed consulting), Craig and Alison Lambert, Noel Burton (Skyview Survey), Mick Lodge (CIVCON Contracting)

Bridget Parge (icubed consulting), Alison and Craig Lambert

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