Since inception icubed has been sought out to provide specialised engineering design of Wind Turbine foundations and associated Civil balance of plant such as Roads, Hardstands, Switchyards and Transmission Line foundations.

Today icubed consulting has completed foundation design for nearly 783 Wind Turbine Generators across 32 projects, with a combined capacity of over 2003.2MW. In addition to this we have been sought out as a peer review consultant on other projects, specifically assessing the Wind Turbine Foundations.

Of these projects, approximately one third of the foundations have been a high performance, Rock Anchor style  foundation.  Nick Canto was also the Civil Design Manager for the Challicum Hills and Starfish Hill Wind Farms, where the use of Rock Anchored Foundations was pioneered in 2001.

icubed consulting’s Renewable Team provide support across a number of disciplines providing cohesive data collection and design responses for;

  • Procurement of topographic and geotechnical site information
  • Access Roads and intersections with state controlled roads
  • Drainage design
  • Environmental management and erosion control
  • Approvals Management
  • WTG Foundations
  • Transmission line investigation and foundation design
  • Electrical switchyard foundations, drainage and environmental controls
  • Construction Phase Quality Inspections and reporting
  • Preparation of O&M Manuals