Wacol Station Road Bridge Upgrade

Scope of Work

icubed consulting were engaged by Brisbane City Council to undertake detailed design and documentation for the upgrade of components of an existing timber bridge on Wacol Station Road.

The previous level 2 bridge inspection identified that a number of piles and bridge girders had been impacted by rot and insect attack. icubed consulting designed an FRP Composite substitution for the elements to enable minor capital cost upgrades to be undertaken.

This has enabled the bridge to remain serviceable and on the road network, whilst planning for a major upgrade of this section is undertaken and will result in a complete realignment and removal of the bridge in approximately 2 years time. This minor upgrade has provided value to council in that a critical link has been able to remain serviceable with a limited capital cost, whilst a more comprehensive upgrade is planned.

Dates: May 2010 – August 2010

Discipline: Structural Engineering

Sector: Government