Ti-Tree Landfill, Willowbank

Scope of Work

icubed consulting were engaged by Energen Solutions to undertake the detailed design and documentation of the site earthworks, structural foundations and stormwater drainage for a landfill co-generation plant.

As part of the environmental approval for the landfill the operators are required to harvest methane gas generated from decomposition of waste, which is deposited at this location. Rather than flaring the methane gas and releasing it into the atmosphere, the operators have elected to treat the gas and burn it within gas fired electric generators after collection. This project involved the installation of an initial 1.5 megawatt generation system which produces electricity and provides power to the main electricity grid.

icubed consulting’s scope included stormwater management in support of an environmental approval for the project prior to construction, and treatment of potentially contaminated stormwater prior to release to the environment.

Dates: October 2007 – October 2008

Discipline: Civil Engineering

Sector: Energy